PureStretch was designed with the simple aim of educating people how to stretch correctly in a fun and fulfilling way.

It strengthens and lengthens the entire body through a series of balanced choreographed movements that is suitable for everyone to enjoy.

PureStretch will improve your flexibility and develop your core strength, leading to a happier body and mind!

To get the most out of your fitness, why not try a PureStretch session?

Why PureStretch?

To book a session or to find out more information about this programme, please get in touch using the details on the 'Contact Me' page.

"Ginny is an excellent teacher. She plans our stretch classes meticulously, has all the equipment needed, changes the stretches regularly and adjusts according to our ability. As I sit at a desk most days the exercises help relieve the issues this causes and makes me aware of my posture between classes. If we have any specific needs, she will suggest 'homework' to help.  Ginny cares a lot about health and exercise which comes across in her enthusiasm, knowledge and experience. We also have a laugh which is an added bonus!"


"Over the time that I been going to Pure Stretch classes I have felt the full benefit of each session. Ginny takes each person in the class as an individual and knows when to push and when to praise. I am now much more flexible and these weekly sessions help to stop any aches and pains that might creep in once one retires and stops working.

I would whole heartily recommend anyone to take up a class with Ginny as I have found her to be a very knowledgeable and professional instructor."