Personal Training

With the wealth of knowledge  and experience I have accumulated over the years, I will develop a motivational, inspiring and enjoyable programme..  Whether you are looking to improve stamina, strength, flexibility, mobility or regain fitness after an injury I can help you realise your full potential and also teach you how to look after yourself to prevent many of the problems that can occur through regular sports activity or poor posture.

"I started going to Ginny in April 2015 and I cannot speak too highly of her. I had bad damage to my shoulder and she, with the help of my physiotherapist, devised exercises which would strengthen it. It has worked really well and I have not needed surgery but as an added bonus I have rarely been fitter in the whole of my life (I am 70). The exercise programme she has devised for me changes regularly and it has strengthened my whole body. I try to do the programme at home to increase the effectiveness of my visits. Thank you Ginny."


Why Use A Personal Trainer?

Personal Training is just that – it’s about YOU. The exercises in your programme will be based on your own individual needs taking into account your health, posture, flexibility muscle imbalances, injuries (past and present) and your current fitness levels and goals.

Your programme must be specific to YOU. Your technique will be continually monitored and your programme revised regularly.

What To Expect From Me

I endeavour to do my very best for each client to help them achieve their goals. To allow me to give 100% to each person, I only work with a limited number of clients. This way every client receives the same care and attention resulting in the best possible service.

Am I The Right Trainer For You?

If you are interested in learning more about your health and fitness and can be Disciplined, Persistent, Patient and willing to follow the programme – then I am confident I can help you achieve your goals.


New client 8 week Starter Package for Fitness including Fitness Assessment, Nutritional Analysis, Postural Assessment and Personal Programme £430.00.
Thereafter regular Weekly/Fortnightly sessions £50.00 per session.

New client 8 week Pilates Package (including Postural Assessment and Personal Programme) £400.00.
Thereafter regular Weekly/Fortnightly sessions £50.00 per session.

"I could not have done it without you Ginny ......"

"It was November when I first met Ginny. In my 70th year, a wheezing, stiff, would-be runner barely able to make 10k without a three day break half way through. However I had a challenge to face and knew I needed a lot of help to achieve a goal that appeared to be just too distant to be possible.

Most, when I divulged my ambition, would laugh. Not Ginny. She immediately made me feel worthwhile, feel capable and feel I could achieve what I wanted. I found her a great teacher. Patient, persistent, at times demanding, but always I knew she understood me, my limitations, my ambitions, my weaknesses and my strengths.

Under the direction of a truly professional and understanding coach so a stiff and creaking body became more flexible, joints started to find a strength that they had long forgotten about, my weight dropped, my strength increased, my confidence grew.

On the 23rd April I stood on The Mall with a London Marathon finisher's medal around my neck. My thoughts were of Ginny, I could not have done it without her."


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