Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Being healthy is more than just being physically fit, it’s about taking responsibility for one’s whole self – what you eat, how you relax.

Your ability to choose is a mental activity that directly influences your well-being.

What you choose to eat and how you choose to exercise influence how you respond to life events and how rapidly you age.

The Nutrition and Lifestyle programme will help you understand the mass of information and advice that you are bombarded with on a regular basis.

It is an extremely effective one-to-one evaluation of your lifestyle and eating habits. You will discover how your body is currently functioning and learn techniques to attain optimal health and vitality. Benefits include having more energy, less stress, a better body and improved sleep patterns.

It provides you with the skills to make sense of it all, and make the choices that ensure you are truly healthy.

"Before I did the NLC programme I thought I was healthy. I now realise I was fit and that there's a difference between being fit and being healthy. I have learnt what food to eat for my metabolic type and I understand the importance of rest and relaxation and have some great tips to help me build this into my life.

Now when I'm tired or lacking in focus I look at what I'm eating & make changes there to raise my energy level. The programme is varied and easy to follow and Ginny's enthusiasm and belief in what's possible helped motivate me to participate wholeheartedly.

I lost weight and my energy levels increased dramatically - great results and a worthwhile investment."


How It Works

Dealing with stress is an everyday part of modern living, but making time to ensure that your body is strong enough to cope with these demands can seem daunting. I will teach you to put the balance back into your life.

An extensive Health and Lifestyle Review helps identify current digestive health, toxicity levels, eating habits, physical and psychological stress and your individual Metabolic Type.

With an understanding of these things, a Nutritional Health and Lifestyle Programme will be tailored to suit your unique requirements.